The Bull Bear Bitcoin Set and Bull Bear Ethereum Set – The real world CRASH test

BBE: +22.2% Profit since inception
BBB: -1.9% Loss since inception

The Bull Bear Bitcoin Strategy and Bull Bear Ethereum strategy were build mainly to protect against crypto’s Buy-and-Hold losses. So how it they do in a real world ‘disaster’ scenario:

In March 12 2020 there a -35+% flash crash in ETH brought the price from nearly $200 to a low of $85. Bitcoin experienced a similar pullback as some $700 million were liquidated via margin calls in Bitmex.

ethereum crash coronavirus

With the markets going through this unprecedented crash, both strategies did what they are supposed to: Protect capital. The BBE strategy actually managed to hold on to some of Ethereum’s bull run from February 2020.

This is not necessarily a given. The crash was fuelled by liquidity shortages from traditional markets. It was difficult to predict, especially for a non-mechanical system. Many systems, including Buy and hold ended up in the red.

snapshot from Social Trading @ TokenSets .com, March 14 2020 after the crash

Part of the design of the Bull Bear strategies, especially BBB, is to be out of the market most of the time in order to avoid such unexpected events. BBB was in cash almost a week in advance.

I do hope crypto recovers and people don’t loose faith. BBB and BBE are active and will enter on any new bullish move.

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