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The Bull Bear Ethereum Set

Strategy in a coin

The Bull Bear Ethereum Set (symbol: BBE) is a strategy-in-a-coin. Instead of implementing the strategy, outlined here, you can purchase the SET, which is a standard ERC20 coin you get to keep in your wallet.

Please read the strategy Whitepaper

8.82% APY on idle cash (using cDAI)

When the strategy is in cash, it will switch to hold cDAI (compound DAI, coming soon). cDAI is equivelant to USD, sits at your wallet and currently pays 8.8% annual interest.

If Ethereum ever goes into a wild rally the strategy will jump into ETH and try to participate.

How to follow the strategy/ buy a SET?

There is a new detailed walk-through on how to get started with a Social Trader Set at .

What is the BBE Set and the Bull Bear Ethereum Strategy

The Bull Bear Ethereum strategy Equity curve
The Bull Bear Ethereum strategy Equity curve
  • The BBE Set follows the Bull Bear Ethereum strategy and allocates to either cDAI or to Ethereum.
  • Most of the time (historically 53% of the time) it stays in cash which will pay interest of currently 8.8% (*coming soon).  
  • When a bull run is detected the strategy will participate and ‘ride it’. If the Bull run does not work out the strategy will go back to ‘cash’.
  • Please read the f.a.q and the whitepaper for the strategy.

Why should you try a SET

Having easily accessible, rules-based strategies that we can just buy and sell is great. Being able to own it and keep them in our own wallet is a dream!

Available at

Disclaimer: Please only invest money you can afford to loose. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. None of this constitutes financial advice that is related your own personal circumstances.

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