SanzP joins Logical-Invest

I joined the team at Logical-Invest.

Together with Frank, Alex and Scott (our info) we hope to create a place where we can develop strategies and actually offer them to the public for a low subscription.

This is something new. At least I think so.

If you have followed my blog you may have guessed that I support empowering the private investor to take investing into their own hands and use tools as good or better than the ‘big guys’ use. But I also understand that not everyone can become a full-time trader, learn programming or research the market for hours on end. Luckily there are quite a few management firms that are intelligent, publish their research, have good track records and are fairly priced.

We are taking a different route.

We are providing strategies that someone can follow for a low fee.
What’s new about that? Services like that have been around for quite some time.

This is what we are doing different:

1. We explain how the strategy works.

In detail! Is there a danger that someone can replicate it and use it?
Sure, more power to them. We believe most people would rather pay a small fee and have us track, monitor and notify them when changes are due than having to create their own back-end from scratch. As Scott says, someone can go online and learn how to rewire his whole house. It doesn’t mean they ‘ll want to do it themselves. Maybe they just want understand how it’s done and then to pay someone to do it.

2. We put a face behind the strategy

A lot of strategies are ‘face-less’. We are not sure who runs them. Is it a mature investor thinking about retirement? An aggressive young guru in his teens?
We have faces. We have e-mails. You know who we are and you can talk to us. We even have a forum!

3. Mix & Match

We are developing a portfolio tool where you can combine strategies and see how the resulting portfolio would perform.

4. We are experimenting.

We don’t know everything right from the start. We are already running some strategies but we all have our own opinions and preferences. And there are many paths to take.

So please visit us and let us know what you think. All suggestions are welcome.

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