Uncover Hidden Market Relationships Using Fuzzy Logic

In the previous posts (pt1, pt.2,  pt.3) we talked a bit about how to take various indicators and fuzzify them.

Now I will show how we can quickly test for relationships in indicators.
So the question is: Can we only use RSI(3) and RSI(14) (short term and medium term Relative Strength Index) to trade the S&P500?
So in the Fuzzy Model afl script that I wrote, we input rsi3 and rsi14 as inputs and “Low,Neutral,High” as qualifiers.

We then let it optimize using the  CM-AES non-exhaustive optimizer (with all default settings). After a couple of minutes we get the results:

So the rules that the optimizer came up with are:

rule   0   rsi3  Low  AND  rsi14   Low  Then  SELL
rule   1   rsi3  Low  AND  rsi14   Neutral  Then  Do NOTHING
rule   2   rsi3  Low  AND  rsi14   High  Then  BUY
rule   3   rsi3  Neutral  AND  rsi14   Low  Then  Do NOTHING
rule   4   rsi3  Neutral  AND  rsi14   Neutral  Then  BUY
rule   5   rsi3  Neutral  AND  rsi14   High  Then  Do NOTHING
rule   6   rsi3  High  AND  rsi14   Low  Then  Do NOTHING
rule   7   rsi3  High  AND  rsi14   Neutral  Then  SELL
rule   8   rsi3  High  AND  rsi14   High  Then  SELL

Do these make sense? Unlike Neural Networks, these rules can be read and checked by common sense. What the above rules tell us is that:

Rule 2:
Buy when rsi14 is high (meaning we are in a mid-term bullish move) and rsi3 is low (meaning we are at a short-term correction). That does make sense!
rule   4 :
  rsi3  Neutral  AND  rsi14   Neutral  Then  BUY – Hmmm… This is another way of saying that SPY has a positive bias overall.

Many more possibilities

No-ones restricts us to a 2 input model (although complexity goes up extremely fast). No one also restricts us to oscillator-type of indicators. One can try the same with COT (commitment of traders) data or with the price of Gold vs Price of Bonds ratio or whatever. The bottom line is that this tool can help you search for fairly robust and linguistic base strategies that can be cross-checked with common sense.

Here is some interesting links:


* I am neither a programmer nor a fuzzy logic expert. The information given is to the best of my ability/knowledge and meant to un-intimidate and motivate self directed investors to use tools that proffesional Quants use. The information is not necessarily written with accuracy in mind but with practical usability for someone who trades.

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